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Infrastructural Facilities

a) Developed land and Built-up space at affordable and attractive rates:

Developed plots of various sizes are available in the zone to meet the requirements of industries, at a very nominal lease rent of Rs. 70 (+10% on rent) per annum. This is revised after every three years:

Industrial shed:
Industrial shed is fully occupied. (Total Area 6,500 Sq.Mit)
Lease rent: Rs.1365 (+10% on rent) per annum for Industrial Shed No. 3.
Lease rent: Rs. 651 (+ 10% on rent) per annum for old Industrial Shed .
Lease rent: Rs. 875 (+10% on rent) per annum for new Industrial Shed .

Standard Design Factory building (SDF): (Total Area 15,570 Sq.Mit)
Lease rent: Rupees 525/- (+10% on rent) per annum for Basement in SDF (General) Building and Rupees 1050/- (+10% on rent) per annum for SDF Electronics Building. Residential quartet at Sector - IV Rs. 42000/- per flat per annum. Residential quarter at Tomato Bagan (Falta Zone) Sector 2 Single Room at Rs. 42000/- per flat per annum and double Room at Rs. 58800/- per flat per annum.

b) Quality and stable power supply:
The West Bengal State Electricity Board assures uninterrupted power supply for industries to be set up in the zone, through its 132KV service station within the zone itself with provision for further dedicated service line for individual units at 33/11 kv. 

Power tariff: Rupees 1.55 to 3.72 per unit (basic rate for different categories of consumers). In addition there is also demand charge and fuel surcharges which are revised from time to time. There is however, a waiver of 20 percent to 
40 percent on the basic electricity charges, granted for new industrial units or industries undertaking consumption above 50 HP as well as 50% concession on basic rate for power consumed between 11 pm 6 am. Time of the Day making arrangement.

c) Telecommunications:

There is an independent Electronic Telephone Exchange, with UHF link installed inside the zone STD /ISD call facilities available. Connection on demand.

d) Water supply:

24 hours water supply is ensured through a well-knit distribution system, within the zone Rate Rs. 4/- per 1000 litres.

e) Container Handling Jetty:

To facilitate smooth and quick movement of 20 feet and 40 feet containers, an independent Container Handling Jetty is operational near the zone. Haldia Dock complex is about 2/3 hours sailing from the jetty. Overside loading and unloading of cargo allowed. Cargo of Falta SEZ units not subjected to examination and appraisement at the jetty.

f) Facilitation and documentation services:

The office of the Development Commissioner serves as the one-window office for 
all the units in the zone, including customs, security and the office of the Labour Commissioner of the Government of West Bengal, situated within the zone. 

FSEZ offers a truly supportive environment by providing simplified procedures. This is especially so in the clearance of matter relating to industrial approval, foreign collaborations etc., under a single-window clearance system. 

The Development Commissioner is empowered to approve projects under an automatic approval scheme within no time, with a view to ensure speedy implementation of projects.

g) Social Infrastructure:

For the benefit of the units, FSEZ has a sound social infrastructure which includes Housing facility, Medical services, a Market place, Fire station, Technical Training Institute / for training , skill upgradation, Banks, Post Office, Police Station and In-house security.

h) Others:

Apart from all the facilities mentioned above there are also:

  • Escort services from the Promotional Bodies.

  • Availability of trade related data and information.

  • Availability of semi-skilled/unskilled work force, from the vicinity at a relatively low rate.

  • Above all Calcutta has an established industrial base comprising of steel, heavy and light engineering industries, and glass as well as ceramic industries.


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This page is designed by Arunava Chowdhury, Programmer, Falta SEZ, Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India (

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This page is designed by Arunava Chowdhury, Programmer, Falta SEZ, Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India (